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Heavy Equipment Accidents

A side boom is often found in railroad environments. Side boom operation is a dangerous activity requiring extra precautions and care. The American Society of Mechanical Engineers publishes standards for a side boom's proper operation because of its inherent danger.

Video Click the link to the right for a video from a side boom accident case handled by Burt Barr & Associates, L.L.P.

CraneCrane operation requires specialized skills. When making a lift, a lift director, site supervisor, signal person, crane operator, and an oiler often work together. Some safety responsibilities are shared, but some are not. Prompt investigation is imperative when an accident occurs.

Bulldozers are powerful machines, so proper training and maintenance are critical to prevent catastrophic losses. According to OSHA, "caught-in-between" accidents are one of the "fatal four" leading causes of worker deaths in the United States.

Burt Barr & Associates, L.L.P.'s board certified civil trial lawyer and investigators have handled numerous heavy equipment cases across Texas. These cases have involved injury, death, and property damage claims involving the use of side booms, cranes, and bulldozers.Bulldozer

We are committed to the highest standards in legal representation in cases involving injury, death, and property damage with heavy equipment use.