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Immediate Action

Russsian Jet2

Photo of the plane secured by the firm - the largest in the world

Burt Barr & Associates, L.L.P. has worked some of the largest aviation accidents on record. In 1996, the firm led the recovery efforts after Aeroperu Flight 603 crashed off of the coast of Lima, Peru. 72 people lost their lives on the flight.

Flight 603 went down in approximately 700 feet of water off of the Peruvian coast. All lost their lives, and nearly all of the 72 bodies fell to the ocean floor. Around-the-clock work by Burt Barr & Associates, L.L.P. secured use of the largest airplane in the world from a contact in Scotland (the Russian military Antonov An-225 Mryia), a U.S. ice breaker ship to carry people and equipment 50 miles offshore, and assistance from the Tarrant County Medical Examiner to identify the victims.

The goals were to retrieve the bodies of those who perished and Flight 603's black box from the bottom of the sea.

All of the retrieved bodies were identified. The black box was also retrieved.

No matter the odds, the attorneys at Burt Barr & Associates, L.L.P. are committed to immediate action to investigate catastrophic losses. In such cases, immediate action is often the difference between success and failure.

Russsian Jet3Russsian Jet4

Photo of the plane secured by the firm